Corporate Philosophy・Restaurant-ism

Corporate Philosophy

Our goal is to develop businesses that go beyond the idea of “food” to give people energy and vitality


The purpose of everything we do is to touch the customer's heart and to do so by offering services exceeding their expectations and above their imagination in every respect.
It's the new style
that doesn't copy new trends.

about eatwalk

Eat+Walk=eatwalk. In the modern busy world, sometimes you should stop and search for a restaurant with your sensitivity and try it out.
Akira Watanabe, the owner chef accepts all kinds of food from traditional to innovative and put the essence of his own style in it.
Based on a proposition "It's the new style that doesn't copy new trends.”, he integrates old and new and creates an advanced cuisine.
Since he engages in consulting companies for everything in restaurant business such as product development, personnel training, our goal is to create many restaurants that their customers satisfy from their heart, and leave the door with a smile.
Akira Watanabe,
Chief Executive Officer

Akira Watanabe

Akira Watanabe was born in 1965, in the Saitama prefecture. As a student, he started working at restaurants and his passion as well as dream only grew. Building experience by working in a variety of restaurants, he pursued his way in the world of “food”. He moved to Italy for some time to experience different perspective of “food”. After his return, he became executive chef in a number of famous restaurants such as Tableaux in Daikanyama.

Akira Watanabe
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In 2003, he finally founded eatwalk co.,ltd. And opened “PASTA HOUSE AW kitchen ” in 2004, the root, named after “Akira Watanabe's kitchen”. Akira Watanabe, one of the best pasta chef in the world serves not only the high quality pastas, but also famous Bagna Cauda. He started to serve Bagna Cauda since the first AWkitchen opened in 2004. Then it became popular little by little, and now it's the most famous Bagna Cauda in Japan. Naturally, Akira Watanabe is attracting public attention as the man who sparked the Bagna Cauda boom in Japan. Also, he truly loves vegetables and frequently goes to the farms all over Japan to see farmers or searching new ingredients. It hasn't changes since the first opening. As a result, we support the farmers by using their vegetables and let the customers know how wonderful their vegetables are. Akira Watanabe is now called “promoter of filed vegetables”. He now owns 23 restaurants where he is the managing chef, and also develops new food concepts using his expertise in cuisine, sales as well as his imagination

【Brief personal history】
1992 Watanabe joins GLOBAL-DINING, soon becomes the chef for Tableaux
1997 He becomes executive chef at GLOBAL-DINING
2001 He joins Art Food International, a 100% Reins international owned company, as its president.
As Art Food International's managing chef and Reins Group's executive chef, he develops a large number of popular restaurants.
2003 He founded eatwalk co.,ltd.

He now owns and runs 23 restaurants. At the same time, he has contracted to some companies for food consulting.


Appearance on “Iron Chef” in August 1998

Appearance on “Solomon Style” in September 2008

Published first recipe book “Hatake kara no Gochisou [A feast from the field] AWkitchen's Secret Recipes” in July 2010

Published a recipe book “AWkitchen's Pasta Recipes 50” in July 2012

Published a recipe book “Vege-Deli recipes with Meyer pressure cooker for microwave ” in March 2015